Anna Pancoast
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden St
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Current Employment
NASA Einstein Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA)
September 2015 – Present

Research Interests: active galactic nuclei, reverberation mapping, black hole masses, broad line region geometry and dynamics, modeling emission lines, galaxy evolution

2015    Ph.D. Physics                              University of California Santa Barbara
2012    M.A. Physics                               University of California Santa Barbara
2009    B.A. Physics and Astronomy    Haverford College

Fellowships and Awards
2018             CfA Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) Fellowship
2015-2018   NASA Einstein Fellowship
Fall 2014      University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Dean’s Fellowship
2013             UCSB Doctoral Student Travel Grant
2013             UCSB Physics Chair’s Appreciation Award
2009-2014  National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
2009-2010  Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Fellowship

Observing Experience
Keck telescope – DEIMOS (4 nights)
Lick 3m telescope – Kast Spectrograph (15 nights)

Teaching Experience
Spring 2010 Teaching Assistant, Physics 25 (Sophomore-level General Physics)

Outreach Activities
2012 – 2014  Co-leader of UCSB Women in Physics Group
2012 – 2014  Co-organizer of UCSB Women in Physics graduate student visit day
2010               Graduate student representative to the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Yale

Professional Activities
2016 – 2017       Co-chair of the ITC visitor committee
2016                     Co-organizer of the CfA ITC Pizza Lunch series on astrostatistics
2010 – 2012        Co-organizer and founder of the UCSB astrophysics journal club
2010 – 2011        Member of the UCSB physics graduate life committee
2009 – present  Member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
2008 – present  Member of the American Astronomical Society
Reviewer: ApJ, MNRAS, PASA

Invited and Contributed Talks
CfA High Energy Seminar, May 2017
Tufts University Astronomy Seminar, February 2017
Talk at the Harvard Black Hole Initiative, February 2017
KITP conference on disks, Santa Barbara CA, February 2017
Brown University Astrophysics Seminar, January 2017
Texas A&M Astronomy Seminar, September 2016
CfA Large Scale Phenomena Seminar, February 2016
CfA ITC Lunch Talk, November 2015
Boston University Astronomy Colloquium, November 2015
University of California Los Angeles Astronomy Journal Club Talk, January 2015
University of California Irvine Astrophysics Seminar, November 2014
The Ohio State University Astronomy Colloquium, October 2014
DARK Cosmology Centre Astronomy Talk, June 2014
University of St Andrews Astronomy Lunch Talk, May 2014
Celebration for Stephen Boughn at Haverford College, April 2014
Conference on AGN reverberation: present and future in Beijing, China, October 2013
DARK Reverberation Mapping Collaborators Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2012
University of Kentucky Astronomy Seminar, November 2011
Quasars at All Cosmic Epochs in Padova, Italy, April 2017
Great Lakes Quasar Symposium in London, Canada, May 2016
AAS Meeting #225, dissertation talk, Seattle WA, January 2015
The Inner Regions of Quasars in Austin, TX, September 2014
The Restless Nature of AGNs in Naples, Italy, May 2013
AAS Meeting #221, contributed Oral Session presentation, Long Beach CA, January 2013
AAS Meeting #219, contributed Oral Session presentation, Austin, TX, January 2012
AGN Winds in Charleston Conference in Charleston, SC, October 2011