The following is a list of software that I have used for various projects.

Posterior probability distribution samplers:

  • DNest: Diffusive Nested Sampling by Brendon Brewer.  Find the code on github here.  This is the sampler we use in CARAMEL.  Because DNest starts by sampling the prior, the final posterior PDFs are normalized and can be used for model comparison.  DNest is a good choice for problems with many model parameters and complicated posteriors, such as multiple modes or tight degeneracies.
  • emcee: The MCMC Hammer by Dan Foreman-Mackey.  Find information about the code here or download the code from github here.  Note: emcee should not be used for multimodel posteriors.  This is the sampler used in development of SPAMM (see below).

Other software:

  • JAVELIN: Just Another Vehicle for Estimating Lags In Nuclei by Ying Zu.  Find the code on bitbucket here.  You can use JAVELIN to calculate the time lag between two light curves (e.g. an AGN continuum light curve and an integrated emission line light curve for reverberation mapping) assuming a top-hat transfer function.  This code uses the same model for the continuum light curve variability that we use in CARAMEL.
  • SPAMM: Spectral Properties of AGN Modeled through MCMC by the SPAMM Collaboration (Roberto Assef, Kevin Croxall, Kelly Denney, Gisella De Rosa, Matthias Dietrich, Kate Grier, Christopher S. Kochanek, Demitri Muna, Anna Pancoast, Bradley Peterson and Marianne Vestergaard).  This code is in the development stage, with the goal of providing a fully Bayesian option for spectral decomposition in the UV/optical.

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